After 5 months of being in Delhi and exhibiting for the patrons here, we decided it was time to move forward and venture out to the other side. Okay that’s just being too dramatic. We took the plunge and travelled across 3 states to the most magical city, Bombay.

The Vintage Garden Bombay is an exclusive pop up shop that gives a platforms to the talented individuals showcasing their works via various forms such as art & crafts, fashion, architecture, product design, music, film & photography. We knew we wanted to be a part of this the moment we got to know of it. After a great deal of discussions and planning with Aarti Patkar, the founder of The Vintage Garden Bombay, we were set to get on track towards Bombay in the second week of February.

This was the first time that IDAM got out of Delhi and it was the best decision ever made. We loved every bit of it. From our drives across the sea link to the stop overs at the Marine Drive and the people who we met everyday.

The exhibition was nothing less than what we expected. We loved Bombay, and Bombay loved us back. We got an overwhelming response from the people of Bombay. If they loved it, they bought it. Here’s a glimpse of our weekend trip.

All we’d like to say is that we’ll be back.

See you soon Bombay! 🙂

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