MRIGAATHA – The beginning of IDAMlittle

When you start a home brand wanting to reach everyone’s nooks and corners, you can’t miss out on the little ones for sure. For expecting parents, the young toddlers, it is always exciting to have something extraordinary just for them.

During this past one year, we knew we wanted to start creating for kids. The challenge was, to offer something never done before. Realising prominence of connecting the past with the present, we chose to take our inspiration from the Tales of Panchtantra. Growing up, we became friends with the animals in all the stories of Panchtantra, we hated the narcissist lion, admired the sharp-witted monkey who dodged the foolish crocodile and his wife. It’s been a pivotal part of our growing up. Not only did we make friends, we also achieved a sense of morality and learnt a life lesson!

After reading and re-reading the many stories of Panchtantra, we focused on bringing 5 stories to you through our prints.

To offer more to the young audience, two upcoming contemporary Indian brands, IDAM & raiman collaborate on their design aesthetics to present an exclusive range of kids home and apparel products. Taking the Tales of Panchtantra and this collaboration further, we decided to connect the kids of today’s generation with the same values and learnings through their everyday surroundings which can be the clothes they wear, or the pillows they sleep on, or even the toys they play with.

Each product will have a story to tell and an animal to befriend.

Wander in the nostalgia of your childhood, and give the young ones a piece of it through our range of Mrigaatha available on IDAM & raiman.


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