Raw meets Luxury | Genesis

Did Adam and Eve know when they bit into the apple that it would set the precedent for the millions of discoveries thereafter? Curiosity has led us to become aware of our surrounding beauty, gain more knowledge, and innovate further. The inspiration taken from the fundamental concept of creation, GENESIS, aided us to develop visionary products using various forms, techniques and patterns after researching, observing and keeping the basic principles of design in mind like Balance, Rhythm, Harmony, Colour and Texture.


We’d like to believe that IDAM is a medium through which we communicate our ideas, our thoughts and our experiences.

A couple of months back while brainstorming new techniques for Genesis, doodling and sketching, one of us began tracing the textures of their notebook. And there it was.

Genesis, as a collection has been inspired from the very rudimentary concept of creation. The creation of earth, the nature, the humans. Hence, we decided to trace the textures from our surroundings, we traced the bark of a tree, the roads, the rough walls, etc. This led to us creating different patterns and prints with all those textured sheets.


After creating a set of prints, we then decided the fabrics, the textures and the treatments to be used.

   Visually and aesthetically, Genesis reflects the perfect union of raw and luxury. Where fabrics like jute, cotton and rugged textures are used, there is also gold foil printing, zari embroidery that adds a touch of charm with it’s opulent characteristics. Also used, Burnt Sienna, (faintly evoking the sense of lava seen through the cracked earth) as an accent.


View the collection here



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