Guest Blog – Deeba Rajpal, Passionate About Baking

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”
Helen Keller

We stumbled upon Passionate About Baking, a blog by Deeba Rajpal. Deeba is an ardent baker, a renowned food stylist and a passionate blogger who never fails to make all the food look gorgeous and tempting through her lens.

We saw her work and knew it that moment that it was going to be the perfect collaboration for IDAM and Passionate About Baking to be on the same platform.

Here is her recipe for Brownie Butterscotch Wholegrain Cookies and our table linen styled flawlessly together.

“I love linen in soothing colors for any room in the house.”
Nate Berkus

Brownie Butterscotch Wholegrain Cookies are possibly the easiest cookies to make ever. This is my favourite recipe as it is as simple as the end is delicious. Healthy too. For one the cookies are double chocolate {almost everyone’s favourite}, and they are also a 100% wholegrain. To make them better, I halved the butter! Guess I couldn’t ask for more!They turned out pretty effortlessly in the KitchenAidIndia stand mixer, which turned out a perfect cookie dough in a matter of minutes.Absolutely delicious comfort food!

Brownie Butterscotch Wholegrain Cookies

With so little effort I turned my attention to some beautiful table linenfrom a concept store called IDAM. The beauty of this shot and the few others that I attempted to capture, IMHO, of course comes from their aesthetic and impressive range of linen. The more I shoot their linen, the happier I get. Do check out their work. It is so inspiring, so real. Importantly their statement of beliefs hit the right chord with me.

Brownie Butterscotch Wholegrain Cookies

“Taking a step closer to sustainable and responsible design, we have pledged to use 100% organic fabrics for all our products. We use 100% fair trade certified fabrics. We carry over the great work done in the farms to our manufacturing factories, which always follow ethical fair labour practices. We take pride in our work ethics where we do not encourage child labour, gender discrimination or low wages.”

IDAM StoreIDAM was born out of numerous car ride discussions to and from college between a duo of dreamers, Nayanika & Gazal. From an idea, it has now evolved to a full fledged print and surface design studio that translates its aesthetics onto contemporary home and lifestyle products. Each product is unique as it has a story behind it. Be it a doodle in a diary or the fallen leaves outside their studio, or how folk art adorns the streets of India, it’s all brought to you in an array of prints, almost like a glimpse into the dreamers daily escapades.

Brownie Butterscotch Wholegrain Cookies The  fabric is gorgeous, the attention to detail has me fascinated. It’s the small ideas that translate into print that makes me love them. Every piece is so me – the whites and blacks, the beige and slate grey, the blue and white, the understated Ikat print. This is just one small peep into their beautiful world. 

IDAM STOREAnd of course, do bake up a batch of Brownie Butterscotch Wholegrain Cookies! I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Recipe Source : Passionate About Baking

Styling & Photography : Deeba Rajpal, Passionate About Baking 

Shop the linen here



2 thoughts on “Guest Blog – Deeba Rajpal, Passionate About Baking

  1. Hi Team IDAM

    On this page

    I see a fabric with ikat like prints

    id like to know more about that

    I dike the same for a tote bag maybe table cloth n bed covers maybe in slightly different shades of grey teal etc.

    Id like to know the thickness n dimensions and other properties of the fabric / design/ print/ weave – if available

    Cud we discuss this pls?
    Im from India but we live in Madrid, Spain

    I cud take delivery to cochin or madrid



    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear Manoj,

      Unfortunately, we saw the comment a little too late. We sincerely apologise for that.

      I hope you got something similar to the ikat fabric that you were looking at. 🙂


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