Winners of the Interior Lifestyle Awards 2016

The exhilarating experience of brainstorming, designing and production over the past two months, calls for a blog post. Oh, also the fact that we won the Interior Lifestyle Awards 2016 and are headed to showcase our work at the Ambiente Fair,  Frankfurt in February 2017. 🙂


Let’s rewind a little and head back to a warm sunny afternoon in February when we chanced upon a blinking tab that screamed ‘Interior Lifestyle Awards 2016’. A few clicks later, we found ourselves submitting two of our popular collections, Achromatic Pop and Summer Haze for the Home Textile Category minutes before the submission deadline.

A few days later, as the anticipation of the results faded, we got caught amidst the launches of our new product ranges and collections. It was this one Friday evening when we got the email announcing that we have been selected as the semi-finalists for the ILA awards at the Ambiente India Fair 2016.

From there on, it was all about explorations, surface techniques, product developments and design initiations. This platform gave IDAM the chance to push their creativity to the limits and experiment with new techniques, forms and patterns.

We were partnered with Aakriti Kumar from Differniture and Bobby Agarwal from the Portside Cafe´ .


IDAM and Differniture present their interpretation of METAMORPHOSIS -The transformation of design through textiles and wood working.

They display their journey of design all the way from conception to the final product. Experiencing each stage as the design evolves and transforms all the while engaging the various senses and giving you a unique insight into their design process.



Did Adam & Eve know when they bit into the apple that it would set the precedent
for the millions of discoveries thereafter? Curiosity has led us to become aware of
our surrounding beauty, gain more knowledge, and innovate further.

The inspiration taken from the fundamental concept of creation has aided IDAM and PORTSIDE´ CAFE to develop products with various forms, techniques and patterns.


Signing off now,

Stay tuned for our Frankfurt adventures and more.. 😀



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