Whenever you look at the fresh blooms around and about, you can’t help but think of P.B Shelley’s Ode To The West Wind verse, ‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind? ‘ that you had memorised in your early days.

Like we’ve said before, our surroundings, our daily escapades inspire us to draw and design and bring them to the world.

The vivid hues of bougainvilleas decking up the entrance of our studio made us pen it down on paper and begin the journey of FLORAL CRUSADE.


The soft hues and motifs of florals have been and always will be a classic for the Indian home. Going the unorthodox way, we painted the motifs and created our range ofFloral Crusade. This collection is also our first  where we even designed matching bedspreads to complete the look. Here’s step by step glance at our process.

1. Conceptualisation 

To us, it’s putting a good concept into practice. It’s a different experience to get a product that you see from it’s conception to it’s final look.


2. Sourcing

3. Production


4. Finishing


To see more from this collection and grab them for your homes, visit www.idamstore.com. Shop now. All under Rs 1800/- only!


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